Favorite Skin Savers for 2015

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Published in Paper Blog, January 1, 2016 When thinking about the year that just finished it’s hard to pick from all the products that I’ve been using but sometimes items just stand out and I can’t help but want to use them over and over again….

Oil Essentials Sneak Peak

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We are excited to give you a sneak peak of the new Oil Essential products! Our customers have loved our essential oils collection and asked for more beauty products enhanced with our oils. Later this year we will launch a new line of body products…

Fall 2015 Beauty Essentials

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Published in My Life My Vida, October 28, 2015 Fall is my favorite season! Here are some of my beauty essentials to help you stay beautiful! With the start of Fall, there’s one thing many tend to forget to do as the colder months approach. Moisturize,…

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